THQ Nordic Bought My Teenage Years – So What Are They Going to Do With Them?

In 2002, I was 13, and I spent as much of my time as possible playing TimeSplitters 2. Six years later, I spent a sizeable portion of my 19th year in the extremely purple company of Saints Row 2.

Between those two fairly formative experiences, I invented my own game modes with my brother in Red Faction 2. I had my mind blown by blowing up minds in Second Sight. Adult pangs of nostalgia already setting in, I rented Stuntman: Ignition to recall its PS2 predecessor. Friends introduced me to Destroy All Humans, and Painkiller. I’m also fairly sure I played doomed racing sim Juiced but, looking at it now, god knows why I would have chosen to.

Aside from the fact that I played them at some point, there’s little to connect these games. That list represents different genres, developers, publishers, levels of quality. Some games I can remember as well as the alphabet, others I’d forgotten about until looking them up for this piece. Now, 16 years after I lost myself to TimeSplitters 2, they’re all connected – because THQ Nordic bought them.

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